Cosmetology fashion show

Cosmetology students at the Marshall County Technical School work to put finishing touches on their dresses for the program’s annual fashion show on Saturday. The show’s theme is “Apocalypse.”

Taylor Beck

The signs of the time are on every hand this week as the Marshall County Technical School’s cosmetology department prepares to host its fashion show: Apocalypse.

For its ninth annual showcase, the cosmetology program was inspired to incorporate the biblical end of times into their creative dresses. Seniors Koriann Gillespie, of Douglas, and Destiny Samples, of Albertville, led the way for the idea, saying they wanted a theme that would allow their “darker” style to shine.

“I really wanted a darker show,” Gillespie said. “And the four horsemen have a lot to do with [the apocalypse] so that’s something I thought you can get really creative with.”

Cosmetology instructor Laura Thompson liked the idea and let her students run with it. She said the lineup for the show would include more 50 models and a variety of styles depicting the “Alpha and Omega,” or beginning and end of time.

First, Thompson said the show would begin with dresses portraying how the universe was created. From there, it will shift to the world’s fears, the seven deadly sins, natural disasters and the finale, the four horsemen.

“Their ideas are really, really, creative and artistic,” Thompson said. “It’s more like an art show to me with fashion included.”

The fashion show will be held Saturday, Feb. 10, at 6 p.m. at The Rocky Hollow Barn in Douglas. Tickets are $10 if bought ahead and $20 at the door. All proceeds go directly to the cosmetology department to help fund supplies and different materials needed.

Thompson said she is proud of her students and ready for the community to see their efforts.

“We’re excited,” Thompson said. “I always like for the community to see all the hard work they’re putting in and see what they have done. They are practicing so many life skills for this, too. They’re not just practicing cosmetology, but they are working together and communicating – things they’ll need to be able to use out in the real world.

“There’s nothing else like this event,” Thompson added. “It’s a great event. You know, I’ve been to different singings, plays and other things like that, but there’s nothing else around here like this.”

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