Marshall County Sheriff Scott Walls is in the clear.

According to Walls, the year-long case looking into allegations of ethics violations has been dismissed by the Madison County District Attorney’s Office due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

Walls released the following statement to The Reporter:

“I am very pleased that the citizens of our county are being made aware of what I have always known from the beginning,” Walls said. “This simply confirms that there has been no wrong doing.

“I have served as your sheriff for the last nine years, and I have always worked hard to protect the citizens of our county and be responsive to the needs of the people.

“I am happy with the outcome of the investigation that was conducted, and I have tremendous respect for the process even though it has come at a great cost to my family, my office and myself. I have served in law enforcement for the last 38 years and have learned that sometimes while simply doing my job and following the law, that some people are offended.

“It may be things I am not aware of, such as actions of employees, misrepresentation of facts by another person or a lack of understanding of the duties of the sheriff as required by law. I would encourage anyone that has an issue to meet with me personally and discuss the problem. It is time to put this aside and move forward. Your sheriff’s office has done good work, and there is more hard work ahead of us.

“Now that the air is cleared I want to encourage everyone to come together and work hard to make our county be the best it can be. It has been an honor to serve as your sheriff, hopefully I will be re-elected for many years “

According to WHNT News, Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard was in charge of handling the case. He issued the following statement:

“We did, in fact, review the investigative material concerning Sheriff Walls, and like the Attorney General’s Office, declined to prosecute. The evidence was insufficient to warrant a charge in our opinion.”

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