Perhaps the busiest week of the year for Albertville Swim Team head coach Ryan Prickett concluded with a strong effort from his team in the Alabama Recreation and Parks Association District 2 Meet at the Albertville Recreation Center.

Albertville collected 350.5 points and finished fifth. Perennial champion Madison claimed first place by scoring 1,487.5 points.

“I was very happy with our performance as a team,” Prickett said. “We qualified 50 swimmers for state this year, which is up from 39 last year, and we scored around a hundred more points by scoring 350.5 this year.

“Looking forward, we are definitely moving in the right direction.

“Our girls really showed up and carried the team, scoring almost 70 more points than the guys did.

“Our big scorer was Preston Conley, one of our 9-10 boys. He took home three gold medals in 100 individual medley, 50 breaststroke and 100-yard freestyle.

“Logan Wilson also won gold in 11-12 boys 50 freestyle, while Preston’s sister, Reagan Conley, took home gold in 6-and-under girls 25 freestyle.

“I think we are in great shape heading into state, and we will keep improving until we travel to Opelika on July 28th and 29th.”

The Opelika Parks and Recreation Department will host the state swimming and diving meet July 27-29 at the Opelika SportsPlex and Aquatics Center.

Prickett was “very pleased and proud” with how Albertville conducted the District 2 Meet, which featured swimmers from nine teams.

“I think we ran it to the best of our ability, and all of our volunteers did an absolutely amazing job with parking, setup and take down,” Prickett said. “They also adapted well to numerous challenges we faced throughout the days leading up to and both days of the meet.

“We experienced a four-hour rain delay on Saturday and because of that, we had many parents there from 5:30 in the morning until about 10 that night.

“The volunteers never complained and had an outstanding work ethic the whole time. They represented Albertville in an outstanding way, and I honestly cannot thank them enough for doing so.

“Our recreation center staff did an excellent job preparing for the massive inflow of people and helping with setup and cleanup. It would not have been possible without their hard work leading up to the meet and after the meet.”

Albertville swimmers who finished in the top 20 in the District 2 Meet were:


8-and-under boys: 6, Cooper McClendon

8-and-under girls: 5, Elizabeth Willoughby; 14, Zoe Swearengin

9-and-10-year-old boys: 1, Preston Conley

9-and-10-year-old girls: 6, Katy Grace Willoughby; 7, Minda Creel

11-and-12-year-old boys: 10, Harrison Cummings

11-and-12-year-old girls: 10, Margaux Blackstone; 13, Kaitlyn Campbell; 18, Kate Thomas

13-and-14-year-old boys: 14, Robert Lang; 16, Sam White; 17, Duece McClendon

13-and-14-year-old girls: 7, Mkayla Still; 11, Emma Scott

15-to-18-year-old boys: 8, Nikolas Still; 17, Gavin Davis; 18, Thomas White

15-to-18-year-old girls: 5, Meagan Still


8-and-under boys: 4, Cooper McClendon; 10, Jevon Henderson

8-and-under girls: 7, Reagan Conley; 10, Elizabeth Willoughby; 19, Brooksie Corbitt

9-and-10-year-old boys: 1, Preston Conley; 18, Wain Walter

11-and-12-year-old girls: 3, Becca Corbitt; 10, Margaux Blackstone

13-and-14-year-old boys: 5, Joseph Prickett; 11, Sam White

13-and-14-year-old girls: 3, Emma Scott

15-to-18-year-old boys: 14, Thomas White

15-to-18-year-old girls: 6. Stephanie Grey; 11, Lauren Grey; 12, Maggie Corbitt


6-and-under boys: 11, Samuel Willoughby; 14, Gage Kelley; 15, Joe Campbell; 19, Jerusalem Smart

6-and-under girls: 1, Reagan Conley; 16, Journey Williams; 20, Brooksie Corbitt

8-and-under boys: 6, Jevon Henderson

8-and-under girls: 13, Elizabeth Willoughby; 14, Skylee Madden; 15, Adalynn Baker

9-and-10-year-old boys: 5, Cooper Scott

9-and-10-year-old girls: 7, Jubilee Smart

11-and-12-year-old boys: 1, Logan Wilson

11-and-12-year-old girls: 9, Becca Corbitt; 12, Emma Cofield; 13, Jerlyn Henderson; 18, Lilly Smith

13-and-14-year-old boys: 13, Joseph Prickett

13-and-14-year-old girls: 4, Mkayla Still; 10, Natalie Creel

15-to-18-year-old girls: 9, Stephanie Grey


8-and-under boys: 8, Samuel Willoughby, Cooper McClendon, Jevon Henderson and Gage Kelley

8-and-under girls: 3, Skylee Madden, Elizabeth Willoughby, Zoe Swearengin and Reagan Conley; 11, Honesti Allen, Brooksie Corbitt, Adalynn Baker and Journey Williams

9-and-10-year-old girls: 5, Katy Grace Willoughby, Jubilee Smart, Minda Creel and Olivia Baker

11-and-12-year-old boys: 13, Harrison Cummings, Joshua Knight, Logan Wilson and Carlos Torres

11-and-12-year-old girls: 3, Jerlyn Henderson, Becca Corbitt, Israel Smart and Emma Cofield; 9, Lilly Smith, Margaux Blackstone, Kaitlyn Campbell and Ann Catherine McCamy

13-and-14-year-old boys: 7, Ritchie Williams, Joseph Prickett, Robert Lang and Duece McClendon

13-and-14-year-old girls: 6, Mkayla Still, Emma Scott, Natalie Creel and Kelcie Davis; 11, Kendall Shine, Claire Oliver, Jerlissa Henderson and Kelley Snow

15-to-18-year-old boys: 10, Gavin Davis, Logan Hartman, Nikolas Still and Hunter Buchanan

15-to-18-year-old girls: 4, Meagan Still, Maggie Corbitt, Stephanie Grey and Jana Wilson


8-and-under girls: 5, Zoe Swearengin; 20, Adalynn Baker

9-and-10-year-old boys: 4, Cooper Scott

9-and-10-year-old girls: 4, Minda Creel; 5, Katy Grace Willoughby

11-and-12-year-old boys: 5, Logan Wilson

11-and-12-year-old girls: 12, Israel Smart; 13, Emma Cofield; 15, Becca Corbitt; 20, Savannah Baker

13-and-14-year-old boys: 15, Robert Lang; 19, Ritchie Williams

13-and-14-year-old girls: 12, Natalie Creel; 14, Emma Scott; 18, Kelcie Davis

15-to-18-year-old boys: 9, Nikolas Still

15-to-18-year-old girls: 4, Stephanie Grey; 20, Jesse McClendon


6-and-under boys: 2, Samuel Willoughby; 13, Gage Kelley; 19, Joe Campbell; 20, Gavon Peoples

6-and-under girls: 10, Reagan Conley; 17, Brooksie Corbitt; 20, Kimesha Peoples

8-and-under boys: 17, Cooper McClendon

8-and-under girls: 7, Zoe Swearengin; 8, Skylee Madden

9-and-10-year-old boys: 16, Jay McCamy

9-and-10-year-old girls: 3, Katy Grace Willoughby; 18, Alexia Mahan

11-and-12-year-old girls: 6, Jerlyn Henderson

13-and-14-year-old boys: 14, Ritchie Williams; 17, Duece McClendon

13-and-14-year-old girls: 11, Natalie Creel; 16, Kendall Shine

15-to-18-year-old boys: 17, Gavin Davis

15-to-18-year-old girls: 4, Meagan Still


8-and-under boys: 5, Jevon Henderson

9-and-10-year-old boys: 1, Preston Conley; 5, Cooper Scott

9-and-10-year-old girls: 7, Jubilee Smart; 14, Alexia Mahan

11-and-12-year-old boys: 4, Logan Wilson; 20, Harrison Cummings

13-and-14-year-old boys: 16, Joseph Prickett; 17, Sam White

13-and-14-year-old girls: 5, Mkayla Still

15-to-18-year-old boys: 9, Nikolas Still

15-to-18-year-old girls: 9, Meagan Still


6-and-under boys: 3, Jerusalem Smart, Joe Campbell, Gage Kelley and Samuel Willoughby

6-and-under girls: 4, Journey Williams, Lydia Mastin, Brooksie Corbitt and Reagan Conley

8-and-under boys: 11, Cooper McClendon, Gavon Peoples, David Sharp and Jevon Henderson

8-and-under girls: 4, Adalynn Baker, Elizabeth Willoughby, Skylee Madden and Zoe Swearengin

9-and-10-year-old boys: 7, Cooper Scott, Wain Walter, Jay McCamy and Preston Conley

9-and-10-year-old girls: 4, Katy Grace Willoughby, Olivia Baker, Minda Creel and Jubilee Smart

11-and-12-year-old boys: 11, Logan Wilson, Carlos Torres, Joshua Knight and Harrison Cummings

11-and-12-year-old girls: 6, Emma Cofield, Israel Smart, Jerlyn Henderson and Becca Corbitt; 9, Ann Catherine McCamy, Savannah Baker, Margaux Blackstone and Lilly Smith

13-and-14-year-old boys: 8, Ritchie Williams, Duece McClendon, Robert Lang and Joseph Prickett

13-and-14-year-old girls: 6, Natalie Creel, Kelcie Davis, Emma Scott and Mkayla Still; 9, Kendall Shine, Claire Oliver, Jerlissa Henderson and Emma Knight

15-to-18-year-old boys: 10, Gabriel Cruz, Gavin Davis, Brodie Hartman and Nikolas Still

15-to-18-year-old girls: 5, Stephanie Grey, Maggie Corbitt, Jana Wilson and Meagan Still

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