The Marshall County District Attorney’s Office dismissed drug-related cases against two-thirds of the people arrested in a crackdown.

In mid-May, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office issued more than 100 warrants covering 115 charges in what Marshall County Sheriff Scott Walls said followed an extensive investigation into the distribution of narcotics in Marshall County that first began after completing a similar sweep in November.

The first case dismissed was against Dana Keller, who claimed to be innocent. A judge ordered the sheriff’s office to produce the evidence against Keller. After the district attorney’s office reviewed the evidence it dismissed the case and ordered a review of all of the cases in the drug round-up.

“We had to dismiss a large percentage of the cases,”

Marshall County District Attorney Everette Johnson said. “We’ve been working on this day-in and day-out. We had an assistant DA and three investigators assigned to it. We also interviewed the sheriff’s office investigators extensively. We concluded our evaluation Friday and filed motions to dismiss. After the review, there was no way we could prosecute with the evidence we had.”

Johnson said sheriff’s office investigators used a confidential informant in making the cases. Johnson said problem with the evidence ranged from not being able to hear what was said on videos or not being able to identify people in the videos. In other cases, he said there appeared to have been an equipment malfunction and there was nothing on the video.

“It’s not unusual to run across videos which aren’t any good and you can’t make a case,” Johnson said. “It’s unusual that we had this many at one time. But, they were all brought in at once. The common theme with all of the cases we dismissed was there was no evidence we could use to prosecute.”

Cases were dismissed against the following people:

  • Leisa Baker
  • Jimmy Bearden
  • Brandon Bennett
  • Allen Brunet
  • Brenda Buckelew
  • Timothy Lane Buckelew
  • Karen Buckley
  • Daniel Burroughs
  • Courtney Cash
  • Dewey Childress
  • Sean Corbin
  • James Davis
  • Anthony Deerman
  • Penny Franks
  • Amanda Sue Dorn Fry
  • David Fuell
  • Sedeania Green
  • Jennifer Green
  • Christopher Hammond
  • James Harbin
  • Angel Hudgins
  • Jacob Hummel
  • John Hunter
  • Valina Jackson
  • Gregory Jarrett
  • Clinton Johnson
  • Dana Keller
  • Lisa Kennamer
  • Frank Kirkbride
  • Jacob Kirkland
  • Nathan Knight
  • Billy Martin
  • Kayla Martin
  • Lashawna Moore
  • Willie Mount
  • Ronny Peppers
  • Mark Poolos
  • Aaron Pritchett
  • Jeffery Schrimsher
  • Taylor Shavers
  • Joseph Shelton
  • Daniel Shook
  • Howard Smart
  • Tammie Smart
  • Terry Smith
  • Paige Stapler
  • Matthew Stapler
  • Eric Stapler
  • Gary Stapler
  • Paige Stapler
  • Hunter Staten
  • Marty Taylor
  • Scottie Tew
  • Tommy Trotter
  • Danielle Vance
  • Rachelle Walls
  • Stephen Walls
  • Jimmy Watt
  • Bobby Wilborn
  • Terry Williams
  • Christopher Woolbright

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