New sheriff in town

Phil Sims (left) talks with supporters while election results come in at the Marshall County Courthouse Tuesday night. Sims defeated Scott Walls in the Republican primary for Marshall County Sheriff. Sims will become the county’s next sheriff because there is no Democratic opposition in November. 

With the unofficial election results in, it is clear that Marshall County is in for some big changes.

The upset of the election went to the race for Marshall County Sheriff. After a close race, Phil Sims raked in 8,311 (56.44 percent) which beat incumbent Scott Walls, who had 6,414 (43.56 percent) votes. Sims explained that he believed that voters wanted to see a change.

“I feel like the people of Marshall County wanted a change, and it showed in the polls,” Sims said. “Marshall County wanted a change, and they showed it with their votes and it’s obvious. The power is in your vote and that’s how our government works. So, I feel very, very good.”

The Republican race for probate judge was won by a landslide by Andrea LeCroy. The results showed that she had 9,658 votes (71.02 percent) to the 3,941 (28.98 percent) votes for Marty McLendon. LeCroy expressed her appreciation for all involved in her campaign. LeCroy will face Belinda Parker in the general election in November.

“We have worked so hard in our campaign,” LeCroy said. “I am very proud of our campaign and all of the people that have supported me. The ones that have done so many different things, like believed in me and had confidence in me. And it makes me even want to work harder for Marshall County. It makes me want to work harder for everybody, every citizen and be the best probate judge that I can be. That’s what I want to do. I am just very excited.”

The results for Marshall County Coroner showed Cody Nugent in the lead with 5,372 (42.24 percent) votes, Brent “Durbo” Durbin with 3,687 (28.99 percent) votes, and Gene East with 3,659 (28.77 percent) votes.

Marshall County Commission had clear leaders for the election. For District 1, results showed Ronny Shumate with 3,122 (79.58 percent) votes over Dawn Lewis with 801 (20.42 percent) votes. For District 4, Joey Baker had 1,870 (60.26 percent) votes over Ryan Morton’s 1,233 (39.74 percent) votes.

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