Somewhere on Main

Mercedes Thurman prices décor and kitchenware from the five Somewhere restaurants. All of the décor from the Somewhere restaurants is being sold off in Albertville.

Somewhere on Main is having a close-out sale before Local Joe’s Trading Post moves to Albertville in August.

Owners Bubba and Mercedes Thurman owned Somewhere restaurants in Albertville, Guntersville, Nashville and Potoka Lake, Indiana, but decided it was time for them to do something else.

“My husband and I both had a health scare in the last year,” Mercedes Thurman said. “We were out of work for several months, and it’s hard to be an absentee restaurant owner. We talked about it, and decided it’s time for us to live life and enjoy it and not work so hard. So, we sold all five restaurants [they owned two restaurants in Guntersville].”

Thurman said they received an offer from Jodi Stanfield, owner of Local Joe’s in Gadsden, for the Albertville location. Somewhere will move out of the building by the end of July and Local Joe’s will take possession of the building on Aug. 1.

But, Thurman said Somewhere isn’t closing its doors just yet. She said the plan is to exhaust the kitchen inventory, which may be sooner than later. She said they did a kitchen inventory and Saturday may be the last night they serve meals. She said they’ll sell appetizers and keep the bar open through the Fourth of July weekend most likely.

The Albertville location of Somewhere will be the last location to close. Thurman said they’d taken all of the décor from all five restaurants and assembled it in Albertville. Patrons are welcome to stop by and purchase the décor, kitchenware and anything else that remains. Thurman said they were selling everything.

She said when the food runs out, Somewhere will stop operating normal business hours, but Thurman said they’ll post when restaurant will be open to sell merchandise on the Somewhere on Main Facebook page.

“We’ll keep going until everything is sold out,” Thurman said. “Local Joe’s will be moving in on Aug. 1. They’re a great local company and we think they’ll be a great fit for Albertville.”

Stanfield is looking forward to expanding his business to where he once called home. The Albertville High School graduate said it’s a move he’s been looking forward to for a while.

“It’s huge,” Stanfield said. “We’re really excited and can’t wait to get started and get everything going. We’ve been so busy lately … but we hope to get our feet on the ground running after the Fourth of July so we can try and open by Aug. 1 … it is going to be totally different from what they had there before.”

Local Joe’s Albertville location will be Stanfield’s third location behind Rainbow City and Alexandria.

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