Though they are not required, Probate Judge Andrea LeCroy is strongly suggesting that the county’s voters wear face masks when they go to the polls for Tuesday’s runoff election. If a voter doesn’t have a mask but wants one, one will be provided, she said. 

 Special boxes of cleaning supplies are being provided to each polling location so pollworkers can sanitize throughout the day. Six-foot social distancing will also be observed.

 “For no longer than most voters will be in the polls, probably five to 10 minutes on average, the mask should not be a hindrance,” LeCroy said. 

She said she wants to make sure everyone is safe as possible since COVID-19 numbers have been spiking once again in Marshall County.

 Tuesday’s runoff ballot will feature only two Republican races, the U.S. Senate race between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville, and the District 3 Commission runoff between incumbent David Kelley and challenger Lee Sims.

 Alabama has anti-crossover voting laws, so if you voted in the Democratic primary in March, you are not eligible to vote in Tuesday’s election.

 The polls will be open 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. The votes will be tallied afterwards in the large courtroom on the second floor of the courthouse or you can follow along at