You may have heard of “keeping an election clean,” but the novel coronavirus pandemic has given that phrase brand new meaning.

There are a number of “election materials” needed to hold an election, namely markers, poll lists and ballots.

 But Probate Judge Andrea LeCroy, the county’s chief election official, has had to amass some special materials for the upcoming July 14 runoff election due to the coronavirus pandemic.

 She listed those materials:

 - 36 gallons of hand sanitizer

 - 17,000 masks

 - 5,800 disinfectant wipes

 - 4 gallons of disinfectant spray

 “And we’ve scrounged all the Lysol spray we could find from grocery stores around Marshall County,” Judge LeCroy said.

  EMA has also provided face shields for the election in the event they are needed.

 “I think we have everything we need,” Judge LeCroy said.